If you want to buy your partner some sexy Valentines Lingerie, but you’re a bit overwhelmed by all the choices and sizes, then this guide is for you! Don’t forget that buying Valentines Lingerie for your partner is a great gift because not only are you buying her something she’ll love, but you’ll get to see it too! Buy her something she’ll like! Sounds simple, but it’s easy to forget! Try to make sure you buy her something she’ll like and want to wear. You could try asking her what she likes and dislikes, or just take notice of the kind of Valentines Lingerie she normally wears.

If you’re not sure keep it simple, try a matching Valentines Lingerie sets, or babydoll set most women will love something sexy and glamorous! Buy the right size! Try and make sure you buy the right size too small may be flattering but she won’t be able to wear it and trust us, too large is definitely not flattering! So ask her what size she wears or if it’s meant to be a surprise, try and check her existing underwear to find her sizes. Once you’ve worked out what sizes she takes, make a note for future reference! Just remember if you’ve been together a while, then she’ll expect you to have some idea of what size she takes so be warned! Quick checklist to remember! Do you know what her favourite colour is Check out what she normally wears, are there any colours she favours more than others It’s always good to know what colours she likes and dislikes when you’re buying Valentines Lingerie if you’re in any doubt stick with a classic like black, white, ivory or cream.

What styles and fabrics does she like Just remember you’re buying the Valentines Lingerie for her, so buying something you’d love but she wouldn’t wear is a definite no no! If she isn’t going to wear it, there really is no point buying it it’ll either languish unworn at the bottom of her underwear draw, or she’ll simply change it for something she does like! So if you’re really not sure what styles of Valentines Lingerie she likes, stick with something simple in silk, satin or lace. A guide to Valentines Lingerie styles To help you wade through all the various styles of Valentines Lingerie, and to help you make your mind up, I’ve listed below the main types of Valentines Lingerie you’ll come across! Briefs, thongs or gstrings There are various types of briefs, pants, boy shorts, thongs or gstrings available.

But just remember that different women prefer different styles, so try and take notice of what style she already wears. Valentines Nightwear and bra sets When choosing a sexy bra set make sure your partner will be happy with the style of bra and matching briefs, thong or string. Basques and corsets These are very flattering and suit all shapes and sizes, emphasising cleavage and waistlines and giving a flattering, slimming effect. Basques and corsets with boning will give that stunning hour glass shape.